Our Life Is Our Health.

Nowadays, the issue of a long healthy life has become very acute. The problem of a healthy lifestyle in our time is one of the most difficult and urgent. The younger generation often does not monitor their health and begins to think about it very late.

“There is no price to health” – and, after all, it’s true. It cannot be bought for any money, it must be protected and protected, developed and improved, improved and strengthened.
But just what is health?
Let’s start in order.

Drugs, in turn, slowly destroy the human brain, its psyche. Addicts either die from a broken heart, or because their nasal septum becomes thinner, which leads to fatal bleeding.
Smokers often underestimate the dangers of smoking on the cardiovascular system. After smoking one cigarette due to inflammation, the airways narrow, sputum production is activated, cough develops, and asthma attacks often occur. The likelihood of developing cancer of the pancreas is increasing, the elimination of a tumor of which is almost impossible not by surgical, let alone medical treatment. Blood circulation of the retina of the eye is disturbed, fundus changes occur – central vision worsens. If a person refuses all of the above, then he will at least extend his life by 7 years.

Eating food a person receives essential vitamins, without which he will weaken. You need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, less to eat fried, flour and fast food. It is better to cook steamed or cooked in a pan.
You should also drink more water. Because with the help of water, organism saturates all organs with useful trace elements and is cleansed of harmful toxins. It is better to use clean water, rather than juices, teas, coffee and other drinks. It is necessary at least once a month to spend the so-called “unloading” day. It is on this day that you need to try to drink more water, about 2 liters, and there are broths. One day is enough to “reset” the body and work with new energy. What you eat can affect how you sleep. The main recommendation: do not eat less than 3 to 4 hours before bedtime, especially heavy, fatty, high-calorie foods. Each person needs his time to sleep. But 7-8 hours is the most alternative.
Sport. The most important component of a healthy lifestyle. It can be charging, and jogging, and team games, and dancing – there are a bunch of options. Thanks to sports, a person improves and improves his body, along with him health. But only those who care about the health and condition of the body understand the true essence of this statement. A healthy lifestyle helps to avoid stresses and overwork, which so adversely affect the person’s inner world, and his physical condition.


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