Proper nutrition is not only useful, but also tasty

Endless notation nutritionists finally worked: in recent years, it has become fashionable to switch to proper nutrition.
STEP # 1: Why do I need it?
Many people think about nutrition only after 40-50 years. Often at this age, the first health problems appear. Excess weight, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, sleep disorders-these “bells” make a person reconsider his usual lifestyle. But in his youth, the “health reserve” is so large that improper nutrition does not affect health.And depending on what food we eat, we prolong or shorten life. Proper nutrition should become a lifestyle!
STEP # 2: No extremes!
Now there are so many different, often opposite information that people find themselves on the road. In some sources write that cereals are harmful because of gluten, others on the contrary assure that cereals are mandatory on the menu. Someone calls juice therapy harmful, and someone-a panacea for everything. Often a person gets confused in this stream of facts, begins to try everything and rushes to extremes. For example, goes to veganism, raw food, or worse-a long hunger strike.Remember: going on a healthy diet, do not be too hard on yourself, and do not deny yourself the pleasures. Love pizza? The right nutrition — not reason deny itself in small joys!
STEP # 3: Not break organism!
Refuse from food, which not there is in nature and which has passed industrial processing. First of all, it is a priori harmful products-snacks (chips, crackers), fast food, semi-finished products, canned food, mayonnaise, ketchup, sausage, sausages, smoked meat. You should not eat flour products from purified white flour, cakes and other store-bought sweets. Why should this food be excluded? But when we eat such “purified” food, preservatives continue to “work” with our intestinal microflora, destroying it. Without a healthy microflora, our body begins to suffer, developing a variety of diseases, including obesity, type II diabetes, cancer, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease. First of all-green leafy vegetables: lettuce and root vegetables, spinach, arugula and so on. They can be eaten fresh in salads, stew or cook, cook on the grill (but without the formation of a Golden crust!). In simple words, these are damaged proteins and they are extremely harmful. Be sure to include berries, seeds, nuts, fruits in the menu. Adding a variety of plant foods, do not forget about protein. Only let it be natural food-eggs, dairy products, legumes, quinoa, mushrooms, fish. In basis of the right nutrition-vegetables, fruits and nuts.
STEP # 4: Compile regime!
Try eat three times in day, maximum-four. Fractional nutrition (5-6 times) in small portions is necessary only for patients during postoperative recovery or people with gastrointestinal problems. Thus, if we eat, for example, every hour or two, insulin levels are constantly high. For the first meal, complex carbohydrates (for example, cereals, oatmeal) are ideal — they will provide energy. But dinner is better without porridge. Suitable bold cottage cheese (5%), lentils, eggs, fresh or stewed vegetables. Suitable for snacking also nuts, vegetable and berry cocktails, smoothies, whole grain cookies, cottage cheese. From candied dried fruits it is better to refuse: take better ordinary dried apricots.
STEP # 5: Drink and drink again be.
Sure to follow the water regime — accustom yourself to drink water between meals. No proper nutrition will not give a positive result if the body will regularly suffer from lack of fluid. In the first place among drinks — pure still water. But from sweet sodas and packaged juices refuse-they are nothing but liquid sugar. Water with lemon is an ideal “alarm clock” for the body.
STEP # 6: Rules of HLS.
Proper nutrition is a very important, but not the only component of a healthy lifestyle. On average, the body has time to recover in 7-9 hours (depends on individual characteristics). Do sports, because good physical shape is the key to health. Give up bad habits and do not drink alcohol. At least once a year, prophylactically undergo medical examinations — pass urine, blood tests for sugar and cholesterol, do ultrasound of internal organs. After all, often the “breakage” of the body initially asymptomatic.


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