Proper nutrition at lunch. The principles and rules that must be followed in the afternoon

Digestion problems are observed today in every third office worker aged 25 to 45 years. Healthy eating during lunch is a guarantee of health up to 100 years. When choosing dishes for a tasty and healthy dinner, it is very important to follow the average plan.
The most delicious and healthy lunch is one that is prepared with its own hands from natural products, therefore, planning to please family members, it is better to abandon the bought mayonnaise, cream cheese, donuts, white, carcinogenic smoked products made using liquid smoke;
fried meat or fish;
cereals, mashed potatoes and instant pasta;
canned salted and pickled vegetables;
an abundance of muffins and fatty cakes;
sweet fizzy drinks.
Careful unhurried chewing not only speeds up digestion and increases the absorption of nutrients, but also protects against overeating.
Simple recommendations for a wholesome and healthy diet:
The moderate use of bread of healthy varieties – “live”, rye, without yeast on natural sourdough, cereals or whole grain flour.
– Minimal heat treatment. Steaming, stewing, frying without oil.
– Be sure to have salads of green vegetables, squid, seafood, seasoned with olive or camelline oil.
– Get up from the table (finish eating) when there is a slight hunger. The feeling of fullness comes 10-15 minutes after eating. That is how much time the body needs to start digesting the cave.


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