Proper nutrition at lunch. The principles and rules that must be followed in the afternoon

Digestion problems today are observed in every third office employee aged 25 to 45 years. Healthy nutrition at lunch – a guarantee of health up to 100 years When choosing dishes for a tasty and healthy lunch, it is very important to observe the middle ground. This means that after eating food, not drowsiness should appear, but a feeling of light satiety, satisfaction, a surge of strength.
The most delicious and healthy lunch is one that is prepared with its own hands from natural products, therefore, planning to please family members, it is better to refuse from purchased mayonnaise, processed cheese, donuts, whites, carcinogenic smoked products made with liquid smoke; crudely fried meat or fish; cereals, mashed potatoes and instant pasta; canned salted and pickled vegetables; an abundance of muffin and fatty cakes; sweet carbonated drinks.
If normal lunch food enters the stomach randomly and irregularly, the biological clock turns on the “energy saving” mode. Careful unhurried chewing not only speeds up digestion and increases the digestibility of nutrients, but also protects against overeating.
Features of a wholesome healthy meal:

  1. The optimal content of carbohydrate components, whole grain cereals.
  2. The moderate use of bread of healthy varieties – “live”, rye, yeast-free on natural sourdough, grain or wholemeal.
  3. Minimum heat treatment. Steaming, stewing, frying without oil.
  4. High content of vitamins, macro and trace elements through the use of seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried fruits, turmeric, coriander.
  5. Mandatory presence of salads of green vegetables, squid, seafood, seasoned with olive or camelina oil.


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