Energy is the whole day, is it real?

Fatigue, decreased working capacity, unexpected illness – all this will not take long to wait if you eat incorrectly. A hearty breakfast, proper nutrition – you need to start any day, both at work and on weekends. Thus, not eating properly, instead of strength, you will get weakness and lethargy. In addition, excess calories will quickly turn into extra pounds. But also do not eat breakfast and do not get along with just a cup of coffee. People who eat in the morning have higher intellectual abilities, attention and concentration.
Breakfast Benefits:
Metabolism acceleration (on average by 5%);
Carbon and high-energy products are better;
Breakfast will help maintain a stable weight and help reduce appetite throughout the day;
Reduces the number of external cholesterol ratios.

So which foods are great for breakfast?
Here’s what nutritionists recommend: whole grains. If desired, cereals can be mixed with milk, as well as add dried fruits, nuts, honey if desired. Muesli, wholemeal bread or bran. Just remember that muesli should be sugar free and without synthetic additives. Vegetables. It can be baked or stewed vegetables. Fresh juices and smoothies are also made from fruits. These invigorating drinks complement breakfast. Today there is ground coffee, which can be brewed in a cup, and not in a Turk, just pour boiling water. Eating complex carbohydrates in the morning provides lasting energy and increased brain activity for people of all ages.
 People who do not eat breakfast weigh on average 3-5 kg ​​more people who eat breakfast, many of them are overweight. Those who say that they cannot have breakfast should start with small portions, gradually getting used to eating at this time of day. Beautiful table setting, pleasant music (but not a TV with news!), And delicious dishes can help in this.


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