The impact of sports on human health

People play sports everywhere-in nature, in sports clubs, at home and at work. A large number of home simulators have been released, thanks to which sports fans can engage in physical development at a comfortable time in their apartment. Most people are busy at work, there is chronic fatigue, stress.
Previously, we did not attach importance to human health, did not compare-sport and health.
People who exercise have better ventilation, which significantly affects the reduction of diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia. When doing sports, in addition, with moderate physical activity, there is a beneficial effect on many processes in the human body, namely: improves metabolism, accelerates fat metabolism …. Regular exercise, as mentioned above, with moderate exercise, is the prevention of diseases of the blood vessels – atherosclerosis of the vessels.
But there is still controversy – how often athletes get sick. It is now proven how important regular exercise is, which is used to improve health, prevent disease, increase the body’s resistance and vitality.
Thus, hyperkinesia can have a very serious impact on health in sports, aimed at achieving high results – the development of overstrain, transient and pre-pathological conditions.
In addition, there are smartphones and computers that are so tempting that they spend all their free time. Thus, in modern man reduced motor abilities.
In the person it is put by the nature, to go in for sports. First, sports strengthen muscles, improve the condition of bone tissue, oxygen is supplied to all muscles much easier, due to this improves metabolism in cells and lipid metabolism. The person becomes more cheerful, and sports brings up character.
With a simple run, you can avoid myocardial infarction and stroke.
Therefore, even pregnant women are useful to move, not lie down. Red blood cells and lymphocytes increase their number, after which the immune system is strengthened.
That is why it is so important to strengthen the protective properties of the body in all available ways-a balanced diet, timely treatment of various diseases, preventive measures aimed at healing the immune system, as well as through physical activity. Physical activity in the conditions of technological progress with the advent of computers, smartphones and other devices that facilitate the work and daily life of man, physical activity of people has decreased dramatically compared to even the last decade.
Fitness and sports are sometimes made available to people with separate forms of motorized activity.
In the process of training in the gym or during Jogging, swimming, Cycling improves oxygen muscle nutrition, included in the work of blood capillaries, which were previously not involved, moreover, new blood vessels are formed.
The activity is faster, which allows you to constantly form new low-level reflexes that are briefly fixed and stored in a sequential order. The brain can easily react and discharge to make external decisions. Exercises make all options work in intensive mode. Muscles under load need increased redundancy, which makes it necessary to stop a large volume of saturated oxygen per unit. At the same time, it pushes out about 5 liters in one minute: during training, this amount increases to 10 and 20 liters.


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