Myths about healthy eating

Today, the theme of healthy eating is overgrown with many myths.
You cannot eat after six – this is a very common myth that cannot be followed, especially for those who go to bed closer to midnight. This is necessary so that the body rests, because in a dream we spend less energy. But even at night, the metabolism does not stop completely, but simply slows down, so after six, if you go to bed late, this is not only possible, but necessary. It is advisable to exclude heavy foods such as beef and pork from the diet, as they are digested for a long time. It is better to give preference to dietary meat: rabbit, turkey, chicken. In addition, a variety of vegetable salads and fish are suitable. At the same time, almost before bedtime, you can safely drink sour-milk drinks, but with a low percentage of fat and acidity, for example, sour-milk, varenets, kefir, yogurts without fruit additives.
Sunflower or olive? The usefulness of oils from an expert point of view in more detailed fat-free foods is healthier than fatty; there is a misconception that fats are dangerous to health and should be avoided with proper nutrition. But the body needs these substances vitally. Because all types of metabolism: fat, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals are closely interconnected.
There are different carbohydrates: simple and complex. All your favorite sweets are simple. That their consumption is better to really minimize. They are quickly absorbed, so a person receives energy immediately, but not for long, because of which a feeling of fullness quickly passes behind them. Complex carbohydrates, by contrast, should be included in the diet if you decide to start eating right or losing weight.
Read more salt and sugar are deadly “any idea, even the best, can be reduced to absurdity” – this is exactly what can be said about the complete rejection of sugar and salt. Moderate amounts of sugar and salt are not dangerous, as is commonly believed.
But in its pure form it is really better to limit it (sugar, refined sugar). An alternative is sugar, which is found in cereals, vegetables and fruits, it promotes activity, including mental.
A person seeks to receive hormones of happiness, but this does not happen through communication and positive emotions, but with the help of food additives. To stop eating stress!
Processing palm oil reduces the level of vitamins and promotes the formation of harmful compounds. In small quantities, it is harmless, but still, before buying a particular product, you should pay attention to its composition, since vegetable oils are found almost everywhere, they are used to replenish calories. There is no palm oil, it will be rapeseed or coconut, because sunflower or olive oil is more expensive. Easy to poison low-quality oysters!
If a person is healthy, there are no special restrictions, but if for some reason he refuses to drink milk, he can be easily replaced with dairy products or high-quality hard or semi-hard cheese. There are people who, from birth, have signs of lactase deficiency, but this does not mean that dairy products should be completely excluded, it is enough not to drink milk in its pure form. Coffee is a dangerous carcinogen. Coffee itself does not affect the risk of getting cancer. But when it comes to a cup of freshly ground good coffee, it will do absolutely no harm unless, of course, you go too far. For more information about at least two liters of water that you should drink per day, it is impossible to say. If you visit the gym, then your fluid intake should be significantly higher than that of a person who prefers a more passive lifestyle. Two liters is the average for people weighing 60-75 kg, depending on individual habits and characteristics of the body. Lack of water leads to an upset digestive system, disruption of the urinary system, etc. How to form healthy eating habits? Set a real goal!!!


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