5 principles of a healthy lifestyle

By following these simple principles you will be healthy in every sense of the word:
1) Always get enough sleep.
Whatever they say, a healthy lifestyle should not start on Monday, and in the evening, when you go to bed.
Recommendations for perfect sleep:

  • sleep 7 hours a day;
  • it is advisable to sleep until midnight;
  • always ventilate your home before going to bed;
  • the place to sleep should be comfortable and comfortable for you;
  • you can not eat before going to bed, it is very bad for digestion, which will subsequently lead to excess weight and a number of diseases;
  • never before going to bed, do not take a warm relaxing bath;
  • to avoid nightmares and unpleasant dreams, do not watch horror and drama before going to bed;
  • if you suffer from insomnia, then drink an infusion of mint or Melissa.
    2) Charging!
    Exercises for morning gymnastics should be selected with an emphasis on flexibility, mobility and proper breathing. Train smoothly without going anywhere. This is a very big problem in our time, so it is very important to move away from this virus of the 21st century and set a good example to the younger generation! Do not get upset because of bad weather, poor financial situation, betrayal of a friend or dismissal from work – look at things from the other side, draw conclusions and move to new victories. Morning gymnastics complex can be made independently, but it is better to include exercises for flexibility and proper breathing.
    3) Management of emotions.
    Failures should be seen as experiences from which useful lessons can be learned. Negative emotions can not only lower your self-esteem and confidence in others, but also cause real diseases that doctors will have to treat. A clear head will help you in difficult life situations, as well as reduce the likelihood of some diseases associated with reduced mental activity. If you are angry-then do it openly, do not skimp in yourself. Anger, which has found a way out, is much more useful than pent-up internal dissatisfaction. Psychologists advise to hug your soul mate or just a close or pleasant person at least eight times a day.
    4) Get rid of excess weight.
    Develop a suitable diet for yourself that will include at least 3-4 meals at about the same time. There are many motivating and inspiring stories about how a person changes his life overnight: quits his job, goes to the other side of the world and becomes completely happy. But you would hardly agree that hateful work is emotionally draining. Man feels out of place, he is unhappy, tired quickly and slowly turns into a robot with a limited life and eternal dreams of vacation. Excess weight creates an additional burden on the internal organs and musculoskeletal system, which can lead to serious diseases. Before you check the effectiveness of another fashionable diet, consult a nutritionist. Only through active movement will your body “accumulate” less fat. In fact, a healthy lifestyle does not involve sacrifices, but on the contrary – turns acquired years of life and good health. In restaurants, give up dishes that make you doubt. If you have a sedentary job, spend at least three minutes of “warm – up” for each hour-stretch, stretch your legs, feet, do torso turns, raise and lower your shoulders. When cooking, fry foods as little as possible, better-cook, stew or stew. Give up everything that contains carcinogens – mostly smoked and fried foods for fatty, protein foods after high-temperature processing, canned, pickled and salted foods, foods with sodium nitrite additives.
    5) Give up bad habits.
    Every student knows the “standard set” of harmful addictions:
  • smoking;
  • alcohol;
  • drugs.
    Do not sit at home-actively meet with friends, go to theaters, movies and museums.


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