20 myths about health. Stop believing!

1) Coffee is harmful to health. True: A couple of cups a day of a fragrant drink will not do much harm, but on the contrary, will improve your overall well-being.
2) Sweat releases toxins. Truth: Thanks to sweat, our body cools. And only salt, water, electrolytes – its true composition, and toxins have nothing to do with it!
3) Waking a sleepwalker is dangerous! Truth: There are legends that allegedly the sleepwalker’s anxiety during the night trip threatens him with a heart attack.
4) Acne appears from fried chocolate and chocolate. True: There may be a lot of reasons that cause acne, including cosmetics, high humidity and sweating.
5) Fresh vegetables, berries and fruits are more healthy than frozen Truth: Fresh products, having lain on supermarket shelves for a long time, lose their beneficial properties.
6) Coffee is sobering. Truth: A person becomes sober only when alcohol is completely eliminated from his body, and caffeine only deceives the brain.
7) From sugar consumption, children become overly active. Truth: Children are hyperactive by nature, whether they eat sugar or not.
8) You need to clean your ears with cotton buds. True: Cotton buds are unsafe for hearing, as they push sulfur even deeper.
9) Alcohol warms the Truth: It does not warm, but expands our blood vessels, creating an instant sensation of warmth, which passes very quickly.
10) A cold shower will help sober up. True: It will not help!
11) Organic products exclude pesticides. Truth: When supposedly organic fruits and vegetables are grown, it is allowed to fertilize them with special chemicals, which, when abused, bring even greater harm to the environment compared to synthetic ones.
12) Accidentally swallowed chewing gum has not been digested for at least 5 years. True: Indeed, chewing gum is not absorbed by the body.
13) Do not crunch your fingers, it threatens arthritis! Truth: Nitrogen escapes during snapping joints. This process is absolutely safe.
14) Men think about sex every 7 seconds Truth: Most likely, this myth is just an exaggeration of the fact that was established by the Kinsey Institute – 55% of men visit sexual fantasies every day.
15) A heart attack is accompanied by a sharp pain. True: 50% of attacks a person does not notice at all. But even this pain is not sharp – it resembles heartburn, toothache or an unpleasant sensation in the hand.
16) Honey is much healthier than regular sugar. True: Science has proven that honey has the same effect as corn syrup. However, confectionery products contain much more sugar, so it is more harmful and caloric.
17) The gene, due to which the hair turns red, has practically disappeared. Truth: This gene is recessive and in order for it to disappear forever, all its carriers must die without leaving offspring.
18) Sex before the competition does not affect the result in the best way. Truth: Not so much energy is spent on sex.
19) A half-hour swim after eating provokes a cramp Truth: There is no evidence to justify this myth. Its origins appeared back in 1911 from instructions for scouts.
20) It is possible to vomit to protect the body from poisonous substances. True: It sounds convincing, but you should not make hasty decisions, but rather consult a doctor.


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