The value of sport in our lives

Our country is famous for athletes in many sports-synchronized swimming, pole vault, tennis, etc. We have someone to take an example, because athletes know exactly what to be athletic and healthy-it’s fashionable! That is why both boys and girls are recommended regular exercise from an early age, so that it can have its beneficial effect and lay a good Foundation of health for many, many years. Sport is inextricably linked to tempering, and this point is extremely important, since the resistance of a person to all kinds of external factors, such as low temperatures, damp or heat, ensures his good health throughout life. Sport is also a great mood, high vitality and extraordinary emotional lift, and this is an excellent basis for the pursuit of success, new achievements and fruitful work.
In addition to pleasure and physical health, sports gave me a lot of interesting people with whom I met in training and competitions, and now often communicate. And besides, you understand that perseverance is good for achieving any goals. Many people run in the morning, someone is engaged in aerobics and fitness, someone plays football or karate.
In my opinion, sport is important for healthy spending of free time, sport makes people strong. Do morning exercises, maybe even run, visit some sports section. Eat less fast food and various other sweets. Be sure to eat foods that contain a lot of protein: milk, cottage cheese, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, meat, eggs, because protein is your big and strong muscles. Therefore, be sure to eat fish, which contains a huge amount of phosphorus. And I also learn not to be nervous about trifles, to enjoy life more, because my psychological state also affects my health. This is necessary to protect him from early childhood. The media can promote healthy lifestyles, thereby positively influencing people’s attitudes towards their own health.


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