Mental health or … all diseases “from the nerves”

No one can guarantee absolute mental health, nor predict that they will not be in danger of losing it in the future. No matter how big the problem, it will not cause major changes in your health, if you realize that you can cope with it.
In recent years, there has been a growing interest in a healthy lifestyle-Amateur sports, dancing, proper nutrition. Appear in social networks, multiply communities dedicated to these issues. Employers, as a competitive advantage for potential employees, offer membership in fitness clubs, the number of which is growing rapidly.
Scientists at Yale University note that not only because of changes in the macro environment, but also before it was much easier to maintain physical activity. Nowadays, energy-saving devices are ubiquitous, and we are talking about energy savings in such volumes that at first glance seem insignificant or not noticed at all. So, about 50 years ago, all texts were typed on a typewriter, now they are typed on a computer keyboard, and manufacturers compete to develop the softest possible keyboards, at the touch of a button.
Mercy makes a man. Give friends, relatives and acquaintances, even strangers, kindness, advice, real help. In return, you will receive gratitude. If you feel that the situation is out of control, and you can not cope with it alone, seek help from mental health professionals (psychologists, psychotherapists, sexologists, psychiatrists), it will help to restore psychological well-being and improve the quality of your life.


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